Measurement Tool

Creates a simple white box with a black border based on the size of the current user selection. It then also creates text inside the box that shows that particular selections coordinates from top left of the document, as well as the selection's dimensions. 

I created this script to help me with creating various texture atlus based ui elements in Unity3D. We have a fairly custom setup for Unity3D, but I would often have multiple elements on a single texture atlas sheet, and found myself in need of this information for all the individual elements so I could define their coordinates in unity. This gives me an easy way to save this information when I create the texture sheet in the first place. 

If anyone else feels that it may be useful to them, feel free to download it and give it a try.

Change Log

 Feb 07, 2016 (V0.2)

  • Added a feature that checks for a group called '[Measurements]'. If not found, it creates it and sets it's opacity to 65%
  • After creating the measurement box, it will move that layer to the new '[Measurements]' group, or if the script was run before, into the existing group

July 05, 2015 (V0.1)

  • Created measurement tool. User selection measured for width and height, and that information plus the X and Y coordinates are added in the smallest text possible to a separate layer. 
  • A background and stroke is also added to outline the selection, and all the associated layers are merged and named with the same information.
  • Please ensure your document is set for 72 Pixels/Inch to ensure text placement is correct