Scissor Sisters WIP 5 - Fuyuko Concept (Unfinished)

I've decided that I should move on from the concept paintings for now. I've already spent far too much time on them. This one, Fuyuko, I started even before Natsuko. Shows how slow I was, but am slowly getting faster while maintaining the same quality. At least that's what I think.

The painting is unfinished, but I think it's far enough along to convey the details of the character, and so I'm moving on to the the next phase, which is the technical drawings that will be used to model with. These will just be line work, with heavy importance on detail and anatomy. So if anyone wants to model for me that would be AWSOME!

Anywho. So as I mentioned this is Fuyuko (Winter Child) the sister of Natsuko. She is the more hard headed of the two, but is the better warrior, despite her tendancy to run head long into dangerous situation. She has the large broadsword, almost zanbatō, type of scissor blade. Very heavy, and capabile of cutting a man in half.

Tell me what you think of her in the comments :) Constructive criticism is always welcome.