Prop 3 - Skateboard

Just finished my last prop, and thus my last model for the capstone project. This one was the skateboard. It isn't modeled after any one skateboard from Back to the Future, but I did design the bottom decal with that theme in mind.

908 polys
1X1024 texture map

I still have some other little things to finish up for Capstone. Need to finish my normal mapping research. I redid the UV map for the Hydral, and I'll be doing a quick high res version to make the normal map from tonight probably. Will only spend a couple hours on it, and then will just try a few ways to actually make the normal map. You'll probably see how that comes out tomorrow, as I'll post my results.

After all that, and some residual forms, Capstone is done! After taking a few days to rest up, catch up on some video games, and figuring out my work schedule, I'll be picking up my Scissor Sisters project again. Expects posts on that in the future.